ASEE (teaching graduation) op. arts plastic, visual and spatial
La Cambre - National School of Visual Arts, Brussels (BE)

Graduated with Great Distinction in Sculpture

La Cambre - National School of Visual Arts, Brussels (BE)

Graduate in Fashion and Lingerie Designer
Esmod - Fashion Design & Creation, Paris (FR)


ARTWELL, an artistic residency program in Amsterdam (NL), from 01.09 to 28.02/22. - Laardenhoogtweg 18, 1101 EA Amsterdam (NL)

RAVI, Résidences Ateliers Vivegnis International, a residency/workshop program for visual artists working in the field of contemporary art on the Vivegnis site in Liege, from 01.07 to 30.09/2021.
- Place Vivegnis 36, 4000 Liège (BE)



FALLAIT PAS CROIRE EN L'INVISIBLE, Solo show from 07.01 to 16.01/2021 to Karl Marx Studio, an artist-run space founded by artist MELCHIOR DE TINGUY, on the initiative of EMMANUELLE ENDEKEU curator and Director of Island Brussels.
- 23 rue de Lille, 75007 Paris (FR)


LA VIE EN ROSE, Realization of the triptych of the 2020-2021 season at l'Eden, Cultural Center in Charleroi, in partnership with [INCISE] an exhibition space in Charleroi created by MARIE-NOËLLE DAILLY and BENOIT DUSART.
- 1/3 Boulevard Jacques Bertrand, 6000 Charleroi (BE)



LIQUIDATION TOTALE, Group Show from 03.03 to 03.03/22 at Face B, an exhibition space run by an independent organization at Brussels (BE), on the initiative of Assal Sharifrazi and Daphna Krygier.
- Rue Lebeau 18, 1000  Brussels (BE)

Group Show from 19.02 to 27.02/22 at Artwell-Residencies, an artistic residency program in Amsterdam (NL).
- Laardenhoogtweg 18, 1101 EA Amsterdam (NL)


CORRUPTION & DILUTION, Group Show from 30.09 to 03.10/2021 at the Villa Gillet, European and International house of contemporary writing in Lyon. STÉPHANIE PÉCOURT is the curator of this program by invitation and in co-programming with LUCIE CAMPOS.
- 25 Rue Chazière, 69004 Lyon (FR)

DOPPELGÄNGER, An art stroll from 08.09 to 26.09/2021, through an itinerary of eight windows, from the Bourse to the Atelie KANAL (KANAL - Centre Pompidou). In co-production with Openart.Today, Entreprendre & KANAL - Centre Pompidou. Curators : PAULINE SALINAS and HERVÉ CHARLES.

ART CONTEST 2021, Group Show from 01.09 to 26.09/21 at Vanderborght Space at the initiative of VALÉRIE BOUCHER.
- Rue de l'Ecuyer 50,1000 Brussels (BE)

Group Show from 30.06 to 18.07/2021 at Z33, Museum for Contemporary Art and Architecture in Hasselt, initiated by STEFANIE DE BAKKER, MILAN GILLARD, ANNE-LORE THIJSSEN, MIRTHE TIBOS and INDRA WOUTERS.
- Bonnefantenstraat 1, 3500 Hasselt (BE)

Group show for DEMAIN (instagram @demain_belgium), an oline platform created by DIANE VAN IMPE and FLORENCE DERCK, under the curatorship of Emmanuelle Endekeu.

LES LIMBES, FIGURES DE L'ISOLEMENT, Group show from 31.01 to 28.02/2021 at CAL Charleroi in partnership with the artistic platform #windowmuseum created by LOLA MEOTTI and HERVÉ CHARLES.
- 31 Rue de France, 6000 Charleroi (BE)


PRIX DE LA JEUNE SCULPTURE 2020Group show from 19.09 to 18.10/2020 at the Walloon Center for Contemporary Art “La Chataigneraie”.
- 19 Chaussée de Ramioul, 4400 Flémalle (BE)

GRADUATE SHOWGroup show from 10.09 to 13.09/2020 in the Espace Vanderborght, Museum in Brussels, curated by LOLA MEOTTI.
- 50 Rue de l'Ecuyer, 1000 Brussels (BE)

LABO_DEMO#2, Group show from 03/07 to 30.08/2020 in the exhibition space of the Center Wallonie-Brussels in Paris. Curator : LOLA MEOTTI assisted by ESTEBAN NEVEU.
- 127/129 Rue Saint-Martin, 75004 Paris (FR)

PLIS,Hanging at the start of the collection of sculptures from the Museum of Fine Arts in Tournai with the help of the director of the museum JULIEN FOUCART. For the exhibition PLIS from 08.02 to 24.04/2020.
- Rue de l'Enclos Saint-Martin 3, 7500 Tournai (BE)


HE STANDS IN AN IN-BETWEEN PLACE WHERE HE CAN BE SEEM, Group show from 7.11 to 15.11/2019 in the exhibition space of ENSA Limoges, National School of Art of Limoges, following a residency and at the initiative of the artists MICHEL PAYSANT and JOHAN MUYLE.
- 19 Avenue Martin Luther King, 87000 Limoges (FR)

NOMA,DECIMA,MORTA, Group show from 24.10 to 13.10/2019 with artists EVA DE CHABANEIX and ETHEL LILIENFELD at Island Brussels, an artist-run-space based in Brussels. - 69 rue Général Leman,1040 Brussels (BE)

ALL IN ONE, Group show from 14.06 to 30.06/2019 at KANAL Centre Pompidou, Brussels Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, curated by LOLA MEOTTI.
- Quai des Péniches, 1000 Brussels (BE)

NOT TO BE SEEN, Group show from 24.01 to 25.01/2019 following a residency (from 14.01 to 21.01/2019) at BPS22, Art Museum of the province of Hainaut. Curators of the exhibition: MARIE-NOËLLE DAILLY & BENOIT DUSART from the exhibition space [INCISE] in Charleroi and the artist MICHEL PAYSANT.
- 22 Boulevard Solvay, Charleroi (BE)


L’HUMOUR UN CONTRE POUVOIR, Group show from 24.11 to 01.12/2018 produced during the Open Academy in the context of the "RESISTANCE" exhibition at the Centrale d'Art Contemporain. Curator : MICHËAL DANS.
- 44 place Sainte-Catherine, 1000 Brussels (BE)

ARS (EST) CELARE ARTEM, Group show from 07.09 to 09.09/2018 at GreyLight Project, an exhibition space run by an independent organization of artists in Brussels. Curator: JOHAN MUYLE.
- 11 rue Brialmont, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode (BE)

FAIRE OEUVRE DITE TRANSITOIRE PAR LA PERFORMANCE, Group slow on April 27 following a workshop with the artist MESSIEURS DELMOTTE.
- 14 Abbaye de la Cambre, 1000 Brussels (BE)


LE PARASITISME DE COUVEE 2, Workshop from 09.10 to 15.10/2017 and exhibition at the Museum of Art and History of Sartènes.
- Rue Croce, 20100 Sartène, Corsica (FR)

THE GREATEST PIECE OF ADVICE I CAN’T GIVE, Group Show the June 20 at ANCIENNE BRASSERIES ATLAS, an exhibition space run by an independent organization of artists in Anderlecht. Curator : JOHAN MUYLE.
- 15 rue du Libre Examen, 1070 Brussels (BE)

THE TRUE ARTIST IS AN AMAZING LUMINOUS FOUNTAIN (Tribute to Bruce Nauman), Group show from 03.17 and 03.18/2017 at the initiative of GEOFFROY DE VOLDER, at La Cambre, higher school of visual arts.
- 14 Abbaye de la Cambre, 1000 Brussels (BE)

UN DISCOURS, UN DISCOURS, Group show from 01.05 to 05.05/2017 at the initiative of JUAN D’OULTREMONT (with the help of the artists LIEVEN SEGERS & MICHAEL DANS) an exhibition/actions in the showroom of the ERG, higher school of the arts.
- 87 rue du Page, 1050 Brussels (BE)


OUT OF OFFICE, Group Show, June 6th 2016, curated by JOHAN MUYLE.
- 186 avenue Louise in Brussels (BE)


EREWHON,Workshop and exhibition from 26.10 to 30.10/2015 at the initiative of ERWAN MAHÉO at WHARF CANAL, Brussels (BE).